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We have been producing the vibrators since 1995. They are made from high quality components and materials, and the bearing used are Hungarian and Japanese. The elements are manually checked and attested before the sale.

WERG vibrators are used in the manufacture of prestressed concrete slabs, concrete rings to a height of 4 m, road culverts and pillars as well as drainage culverts. They are used by companies producing prestressed slabs, structural concrete, reinforced concrete, in companies building roads and bridges, drainage companies and well and concrete companies.

We also offer vibrators for 230V and 380V in a wide variety assortment of shafts L-4000 and L-6000, and the vibrating heads Ø 38, Ø 50 and Ø 70. On request we can produce custom-made flexible shaft L-10000.

We also offer portable, handheld WERG vibrators for concrete. In a set, together with a vibrator, there is a 1kW engine, 1meter long flexible shaft and a head to choose from Ø25, Ø35 or Ø45.

It is worth to mention the vibrator WERG WWGP-16-12 type used for compaction of monolithic concrete and reinforced concrete with aggregate up to 60 mm in diameter. It is equipped with motor drive 230 V single-phase and three-phase 400 V 1.5 kW at 2830 rpm. / min. and therefore it is intended to cooperate with the flexible shaft of 4 and of 6 m lenght and maces (heads) vibrating with a diameter of 38, 50 and 72 mm. The vibrator is designed to work over 400 hours.


1. Vibrator WWGP-6-12 type with protective insulation consists of three basic elements:
a) drive motor
b) flexible shaft power transmission,
c) head of vibration which is an essential element of compacting the concrete.

The drive motor has a backstop placed in the hull bearing on the driving side and transmits the engine speed via the drive shaft to the flexible shaft. Backstop provides only one direction of rotation of the flexible shaft, corresponding to the direction of the arrow on the hull bearing.

The vibrating head starting the vibrating motion is an essential element of a compacting vibrator. It produces vibrations which through outer sphere are transferred to the compacted material. The head working in a planetary mode allows to increase the number of vibrations of the drive motor. in the sealed, wear resistant steel jacket, moves in the respective guide, placed at the apex of the head, a rotor head. The rotor shaft is connected via a coupling articulated to the drive shaft, put in a guide in the back of the head. Centrifugal force do not cause the rotor drive shaft bearing loads.

The combination of the movable portion of the flexible shaft between the drive motor and the shaft is made by means of a wedge and groove, while the metal pipe - using a bayonet fitting and the coupling block. Part of the outer and inner flexible shaft is connected to the head by a screw thread. The Company as a producer provides a full warranty as well as post- warranty service for our products.