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The concrete vibrating head that initiates the vibrating motion, is an essential element of compacting shaft. It produces vibrations which through outer sphere are transferred to the compacted material. The vibrating head is working in a planetary mode, which allows to increase the number of vibrations of the drive motor. The sealed, wear resistant steel jacket moves in the respective guide, placed at the apex of the conical rotor head.The rotor shaft is connected via a coupling articulated to the drive shaft, to bearing in the back of the head. Centrifugal force causes the rotor drive shaft bearing loads. Produced in versions Φ40, Φ50, Φ72 as a spare parts for all types of vibrators.

- mace (head) vibration Φ40, Φ50
- mace (head) vibration Φ72

- vibrating head (head) fi 40, fi 50
- vibrating head (head) fi 72

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The WERG company
is the manufacturer of flexible shafts, concrete deep vibrators.

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