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The Company with tradition.

WERG company was created in 1987r. The head of the company is Mr. Ryszard Wołoszczuk, an engineer. The company is located in Grudziądz.

We specialize in the production of the following products:
- flexible shafts, flexible hose, inset shafts, swivel;
- vibrators for concrete for various appliances according to your needs;
- vibrating heads for concrete- stationary and portable;
- wires for plastering machines and concrete feeders;
- elastic hydraulic high-pressure cables;
- device for applying plaster

The Company as a producer provides a full warranty as well as post- warranty service for our products

Contact, location

The WERG company
is the manufacturer of flexible shafts, concrete deep vibrators.

86-300 Grudziądz
ul. Kasprzaka 42

tel.:  +48-608-010-066

NIP 876-020-29-20
REGON 870537982